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Choosing a domain name is one of the most important and can also be one of the most difficult parts about starting a website. Domain names are being registered at a record pace and it is becoming harder and harder to get the domain name you are looking for. However, creative thinking and new domain name extensions are making it a little easier to find a name suitable for your business.

When you are choosing your domain name, there are some important things to consider. The purpose of a domain name is to give the end-user an easy way to find your web site. Your domain name is something that will be used throughout your literature about your business, in advertisements, on business cards, and will hopefully become as common as the name of your business.

Some things to remember when choosing your domain name are the following:

You want to keep your domain name as short as you can, while still keeping the meaning of your name. The shorter your domain name, the easier it is for people to remember and to not have a typographical error. The name should relate to your site in such a way that people can understand. You should avoid selecting a name that is difficult for people to spell or pronounce. Also, don't forget to think about how your domain name sounds out loud when communicating it over the phone or in conversation.

Once you have decided upon your domain name, Avenir Solutions can help you in registering the domain you have chosen. We take care of the registration for many of our customers so that it is a smooth process and done correctly. You will want to avoid not having the domain name set up correctly when it comes time to place your web site live. Domain name set-up errors can cause many headaches and time loss when trying to correct them.

There are many companies out there that handle domain name registrations these days. Avenir has established a relationship with many of them making it easier to deal with their technical staff to have a name switched to point to Avenir Solutions.

Avenir is here to help you decide upon a domain name and take the first step to having a web presence. We have done the registration process for hundreds of businesses and have the process down to a science.

You can take that first step by searching the Whois Database above to see if your name is available.

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