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Just as the world is always changing, so should your website. Many customers want to have their site constantly updated to reflect new information about their business, add new photos or images, update job listings or events, or just refresh the look and feel of your site. People are used to change and when they revisit your site and see new information on there, they know that you are serious about your business and how you portray yourself.

Since many businesses do not have the time or knowledge to maintain their site in-house, Avenir can step in and take the responsibility of taking care of your site for you. By allowing Avenir to maintain your site, it gives you the time to focus on the most important thing - your business.

Not only does Avenir maintain web sites that they have built and host on their servers, given the proper permission, Avenir can maintain any web site wherever it is hosted. Updates are supplied to Avenir via fax or e-mail, or by Avenir sitting down with the customer to be sure that the changes are exactly what they are looking for. A time frame is always given so that the customer knows when they can expect to see the changes or updates completed.

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